Goals and Volunteer Opportunities

Our goals:

  • identify key issues affecting submerged cultural resource management within the Pacific
  • educate the public on submerged cultural resources and opportunities for exploration, research and discovery
  • develop community interest in the field, and recruit a core group of trained volunteers for MAHHI projects
  • produce a Hawai`i shipwreck data base that can be utilized by the public
  • prioritize significant sites in Hawai`i and the Pacific and carry out on-site investigation
  • create a submerged cultural resource management plan tailored to the unique social, cultural and political environments of Hawai`i and the Pacific Islands

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • TRANSLATION: We are interested in translating our introduction into as many languages as possible. If you are willing to help us with the project, please let us know. Current translations can be found by clicking on the flags at the bottom of the main page.
  • ARTIFACT IDENTIFICATION: Occasionally we come across an artifact that needs identifying. Photos of the artifacts will be added to the website and if anyone can help out with identification, please email us with the information! Or, if anyone has something that needs identifying, send us a request and we will consider adding it to the website.
   We would also be interested in hearing from anyone interested in the following activities:
  • archival research into shipwrecks, shipping, ship owners, ship construction
  • data base entry and maintenance
  • snorkel surveys of nearshore sites
  • terrestrial surveys of marine sites
  • preparation for annual symposium, usually held in February of each year